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GRIP believes in people and their ability to grow and develop and to get most out of themselves. GRIP is a self-management tool that empowers your employees to reduce their stress, increase their work engagement and strengthen their self-leadership. GRIP increases awareness and understanding by providing an individually tailored approach to your employees. GRIP promotes sustainable employability. GRIP stimulates self-management and taking charge. GRIP prevents drop-out from work and helps to achieve organizational goals.


Sustainable employability

GRIP supports people in organizations to stay healthy and happy at work. In a hands-on and effective way. Discover how we do this!

Employee engagement survey

Most employee engagement surveys do not lead to actions that bring about the necessary changes. GRIP combines survey an intervention. With change as a result. Discover how it works!

Business performance

With GRIP we help to focus on the value of organizations. Focus on turnover, profit and business value: your business results. Discover how we do this.